SkyRC Infrared Thermometer


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Infrarød temp måler med stort LCD display

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Four modes for temperature records: Quick Mode / Scan Mode / Max. Value / Min. Value
Celsius and Fahrenheit scale selectable
Testing a wide range of temperature from -40℃(-40℉) to 380℃(716℉)
The infrared emissivity coefficient can be adjusted
Low power consumption and powered by 2 x AAA batteries (Battery Excluded)
1 minute auto-off timer to save battery's life

Technical Data:
Dimension (L X W X H): 121 x 40 x 39.6mm
Weight: 75g
Operation Voltage: AAA battery X 2
Operation Current: ≤40ma@2.0V
Operation Temperature: 0-40℃
Current Drain ≤25ua@3V
Precision: -40℃-0℃ +/-1℃ 0℃-60℃ +/-0.5℃ 60℃-120℃ +/-1℃ 120℃-180℃ +/-2℃ 180℃-240℃ +/-3℃ 240℃-360℃ +/-4℃
Adjustable Range for Infrared Emission Frequency 0.01-1

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